Data processing is the process of manipulating data, in order to achieve the required objectives and results.

Activities involved in data processing:

  • Data Capturing: The procedure of recording data in some form. Data is captured before it can be processed. Data may be recorded on source documents, and can also be given directly to the computer through input devices.
  • Data manipulating: The process of applying different operations on data:
    • Classifying: The process of organizing data into classes or group.
    • Calculations: The method of applying arithmetic operations on data.
    • Sorting: The process in which data is arranged in a logical sequence.
    • Summarizing: The reducing of large amount of data in a more concise and usable form.
  • Managing Output Result:
    • Storage: In which retaining data for future use.
    • Retrieval: Accessing or fetching the stored data.
    • Communication: Transferring of data from one location to another.
    • Reproducing: Copying or duplicating data.

Arbeit MF can offer a large variety of data collecting and data processing activities.